Big Easy One

Big Easy One is an international digital agency founded in 1994 with its headquarters in London. It has a focus on adaptive web design and development, media library, social media and online and mobile marketing and sales. In the meantime it has grown to an international team of 18 full time staff with access to additional approved specialists. The production office is located in Ukraine with Natalia Rastabarova as General Manager and Partner of the business.

Visit our website to learn more about Big Easy One. Check our Clients and References.

With Big Easy One Software you can:

  • Save time using our fast transcoding and batch upload tools
  • Bring media content to market within minutes, ready for sale
  • Archive media content, create multiple categories and sets of media assets
  • Create video clips instantly using our cataloging tool
  • Manage platform configuration directly from the admin area
  • Have full control over your media content
  • Manage access to your media content
  • Set flexible invoicing options store media safely in the cloud